Teatro Fiasco Live Sessions

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As the Rival Sons are already on the road on their European tour “Hollow Bones” leg 1, they recently announced that they are going to be having a few Facebook live sessions with the guys from the band, joined by people who are working with them on the tour.

The first live session was yesterday with Scott Holiday and the DJ who is part of the new tour, Howie Pyro. The two of them are talking about the new tour and let us know that it is nothing like anything they have done before, but also nothing like any other rock and roll band has ever done before on tour. Teatro Fiasco turns out to be a full concept experience that embraces so many different art forms such as DJing, poetry, visuals and music.

There are program leaflets available for the people to exactly know everything about what the show is going to include and also a lot of new merchandise goodies available such as a new Rival Sons photo book with the best moments of the past six years by photographer Andre Mittwollen.

The show date for Stockholm is on the 2nd of March at Annexet. I will leave a few useful links below and a picture of the Teatro Fiasco Facebook live sessions that you should definitely join if you are into this band’s music.

Also a link where you can purchase tickets for the show and a Spotify link of a new playlist that the guys are going to be updating with songs, based on the new tour music style.

One last thing that you should check out if you love feeding off from music, is the official Rival Sons blog on Tumblr that just recently started being updated again with news and details by the guys from the road. πŸ™‚

Are you ready for such an experience?

If so, I will see you all next week at Annexet – Stockholm ! ❀




Useful links:

Ticket purchase for Sweden:


Rival Sons on Facebook – Twitter- Instagram – Tumblr :





Rival Sons Teatro Fiasco playlist:


Watch the first Facebook live session with Scott Holiday and Howie Pyro here:


Facebook Live Sessions Dates:





Joanne TourΒ 

Good evening beautiful people. 😊  Yesterday I stood lucky and bought tickets to see this girl after 3 years of waiting. I already know what my outfit is gonna look like and so I will be patiently waiting until the end of October when I will see her again. She is my love, my angel and my savior. I will always be in love with her and there is no other girl on the planet that can put a smile on my face the way she does. See u in October angel. 🌹❀ 
Are u attending the Joanne tour this year? If so, where in the world? I hope that u do so and u are going to have the time of your life. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“ 



Thunder Queen

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Today I uploaded a video of StunGun Sons at Harry B. James in Stockholm, performing their song “Thunder Queen” on their release party last December. Β “Hanged, Dragged and Quarterted” is the name of their new EP, with 6 brand-new songs for you to crazily blast out. Have you checked it out yet?

Here is a Spotify Link and the video link on Youtube :

Have a great weekend friends with lots of music and positivity! πŸ™‚





The new Firewind album got finally released today! Have you checked it out yet? Completely greek themed with ten brand new songs to crank up your headphones! Opinions? πŸ™‚

Here is a Spotify link where you can listen to it:





Teatro Fiasco

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Here is the official poster with the Rival Sons tour dates for their European tour 2017, have you checked it out yet? What do you think? πŸ˜€





Rival Sons Download festival 2016

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Have you already checked out this amazing performance by the Sons, last summer at Download Festival? If not so, please feel free to take a look here, as a little something to get you through the new week’s demands. And also keep in mind that the Sons will be in town on the 2nd of March in Annexet, Stockholm. πŸ™‚ I will leave a link below so that you can purchase your tickets if you are eager to see them again!

Tickets to Rival Sons March 2nd

Have a great new week my friends with lots of music and positivity!



Rival Sons – Download Festival 12 June 2016

2016 Music Highlights

Hey Friends!

Decided to share a few of 2016’s music highlights and along with that to wish all of you who keep reading my posts and follow me in my music journey, a very blessed happy new year, full of love and positivity. I wish to each and every one of you that the new year will be your most productive one and that you will feel one step closer to your ultimate dreams. Here’s to one more year full of music, happiness and life! πŸ™‚

The below pictures are all taken under 2016 in different festivals in Stockholm. House music, metal music, alternative rock, hard rock and EDM. Enjoy! πŸ˜€