Sveriges Ungdomsentreprenör 2012 @Fryshuset 2012.10.25

Last night was a very educative night for me and I guess for many other young people who were at Fryshuset.

It was a night dedicated to young people who have the vision to run their own business. To help that process come along, there were people who already do that, so that they give tips and advice to the youth, and to basically be there to help  them to follow their dreams. It was very inspiring specially when every business man started to describe their own story, saying how they  first started, with no idea of how their business was going to turn out, and with no money. Actually starting from a point when you only have your vision and yourself. People are not always willing to help, you have problems with managing your money, you get dissapointed and laughed maybe by people, because you sometimes seem to have too big plans and visions…. But that night was to confirm and at the same time prove all this wrong. One of these business men said something very typical but true : ” Nothing is impossible. You are going to face hard situations but don’t be afraid of them, this is just a part of it”.

So the main idea was to fight- work hard for the things you love, believe and compare yourslef with the best of them. This is how you are going to help yourself develop.  At least this is what I got from all of this. 🙂

There was also live music from BABA recordings and DJing from my school SELECT DJ. I met my teacher Micheal after a long time and had a great time! I also talked to a lot of artists from Baba recordings and got in contact with many people 🙂



Beautiful decoration!



And Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!


Live music from BABA recordings


My vamp sister Joanne


Me and my too big vision (so big it couldn’t fit in the picture! 😀 )


And, last night was the first snowing night in Stockholm for 2012!


Fryshuset and young entrepreneurs

As I have mentioned before, Frysuset is a youth community that has to do with a lot of creative things for young people like music, dancing, sports, live shows, djing, social activities and stuff like that. It is located in middle Stockholm and it’s a very pleasant environment with lots of fun.

I have been several times there for shows, as it also accommodates  international artists when they tour in Sweden.

This time they have an event that has to do with young entrepreneurs. It will give the chance to young people who want to start their own business, to meet people from real life, who already run their own businesses.

A lot of tips, ideas and managing skills will be going on, and since I am so interrested in managing, I have already put my name on the guest list 🙂

It will also have Djing, and live show from  Sjukstugan, Lilla Namo, Penga Per, Toffer Toff.


The event will take place this thursday, at 5 – 9 o’ clock.






See you there!!!!! 🙂

Lovely Stockholm

Today it was one of the longest days. I woke up when it still was night and left home around 7,30. I had class 09,00-15,30 and then after than I started again with my swedish classes. The thing is that the distances are really really long, meaning almost 1 hour from home at the first school, then train again ’till the second school, and then train again ’till home.

I finished aaall my classes around 9 in the night, I was so tired, because I couldn’t find this new class place, it is in a hood that I haven’t been before, in an enormous mall and I rolled around for almost half an hour before I found it , asking 1,000 people. Anyways as soon as I finished, I get out of the building and I see something amazing. I see that they started hanging the christmas lights in the little trees on the street. I wanted to cry, I don’t know why. Christmas in Stockholm is something that everyone has to experience. I kept thinking about it for more than 3 years and I felt it for the first time last year. And now again. I reminded myself that no matter how tired I get, IT IS WORTH IT!! THIS IS STOCKHOLM!!! So it’s okay being tired, because it often means that you try for something that matters to you. I love life in Stockholm.





Laser Party!!!

Yesterday we were at the laser party at Kulturhuset, central Stockholm. It was so much fun!! There were all my  favourite types of music, plus the laser show made it all so much more beautiful 😀

There was really young people, meaning 14-20, and the bar had only water, juice and cola haha! But I  liked the djs, specially a girl DJ who played rap- hip hop – R n’ B, she actually played almost the music that I would play! I really liked her!

We had a very good time and I hope more laser events show up!

Take a look 🙂



Me and the lasers




Boys and girls having fun!



Central Stockholm ❤








Halloween 2012

Halloween is something that was familiar to me only from the american movies you know! But I found out that swedish people celebrate Halloween as well 😀

And it’s so funny seeing that! It’s exactly like the movies we used to watch when we were kids. It’s so good to see how young people and mostly kids have so much fun with it, walking to neighboors’s doors asking for candies and stuff! So this year I bought to myself a classic pumpkin to make the house feel like Halloween!

And there is so many Halloween parties in town, with people dressed like witches and Vampires!

I will celebrate Halloween at many several events that include Hip Hop, with the biggest one with Näääk and Nimo at Eksilstuna on the 31 of october.


Happy Halloween people! 🙂




Laser Party??

Laser party it is!!

Just found out about it!

It is going to take place at Kulturhuset, at central Stockholm and it looks like it’s going to be soooo cool, with dancehall and reggaeton!! My favourite!

It is an event basically for the youth, with no alchoholic drinks and things like that but who cares?  It is going to be 7 different djs with my favourite  kinds of music!

A quick glance of how it is going to look :




Studion “Kulturhuset”, Stockholm

• 19th  October 2012
• 20.00 – 02.00
• Mårdh & Shivano
• 2 Danceflours
• 7 DJs + secret artists
• 15-18 years old

DJ Maximal – Dancehall & Reggeaton & RN’B
Lars Hardy – Dancehall & House
DJ Flow – Salsa & Merrengue & Reggeaton
DJ Twister – House & Club & Dubstep

Warmup : DJ Zamani & Hassan Complete

 Someone can take a look at
and find out more about it!!
Can’t wait for the weekend to begin!!!  🙂