First Festival ever, Allstar festival, Skeppsholmen, 2011.08.27

Living in a tiny town in Greece, the word “festival” was known to most people only from youtube. But not for me! As soon as the basic things were set up, like home, work bla bla.. , first thing I did, was check out venues. I found two in August 2011, but the thing is that my budget allowed me to only attend one. And this one was it. HOFFMAESTRO, ISON & FILLE, STOR, THE SALAZAR BROTHERS, TIMBUKTU!! Basically everyone I wanted to see! I will never forget how happy I was when I bought the tickets, I was waiting for it aaall summer and I was so afraid they were gonna run out by the time I am able to but them.

Being there felt unbelievably amazing. It was the first time I ever saw live, in front of me, The Salazar Brothers, Stor, and Hoffmaestro. All I can remember was that I saw somewhere in the crowd Masse Salazar, and I just wanted to run and hug him, but I didn’t u know haha 🙂 And then I almost lost my way home in the subway, because my mind was blown by how much energy there was on the crowd when Hoffmaestro came out. The lights, the crowd, the music,  the feelings.. How am I supposed to describe it in words? Maybe a few pics of that day would help 😉

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