Södra Sidan, Alpis, DC Grimsta @ Grillfest på Medis 2012.08.03

On friday 03. 08 , an organisation called ” Allmän Omtanke ” had a venue going on, on the south side of Stockholm,  that among with other artists SÖDRA SIDAN and ALPIS were about to perform. The weather was perfectly sunny when I left home, but by the time we were about to see Södra Sidan the rain was unbelievable. (You can realize that on Alpis’s jacket ha! ) My boots were almost 10 kilos heavy, full of water, but who cares? you gotta do what you gotta do 😉

This was the third time that I saw Södra Sidan n’ Alpis live, and it was quite as fun as before. I enjoyed it a lot, they actually are some of my very favourite artists and this is why I try my best to keep up and see them as much as I can! That day I have to say that I took some pretty kick-ass pictures of them, that by the time that I uploaded on facebook they had so many likes , I was impressed haha! Plus both Christopher from Södra Sidan and Alpis used as profile pics and Christopher still does  😉


(From the right) Christopher from Södra Sidan, Alpis, DC Grimsta



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