Caligola @ Begnangs – Stockholm 2012.03.21

In march 21, it was the first time I saw Caligola all together. They were supposed to be in a record store in central Stockholm, for almost 1 hour, to promote their debut album “Back to earth” and sign records and autographs.

We were there like 2 hours earlier n’ waited. It was the Salazar brothers with Stor, but this time it was also about the 2 members of Mando diao, Gustaf Noren and Björn Dixgård. I was in love with Mando Diao when I lived in Greece, having so many pics of them on my lap top, and have done anything in my power to find all their records and buy their music. They were basically a huge part of my teenage hood and  my every day life. Had seen them only once live in Greece, in a live show, in a lame, dirty music scene in Thessaloniki- Greece, full of drunk people and obsessive fan-clubs girls, insisting, “if you don’t have enough points on your Mando Diao fan club, you don’t deserve to be here”..

When they  arrived, they were most of them dressed in costumes. They said a couple of songs and then, they took places to start signing records. We stand in the line. First there was Gustaf Noren, my teenage love. I give him my record, saying that I want him to sign me as Irene, and by the time the name “Irene” is heard on the air, Mr. Salla from the Salazar brothers, (who was sitting next to him) rises his head n says to Gustaf  “Irene, she is the one from the workshop” after that Gustaf says to me “Oh,  so you are the one from the workshop” SAY WHAT? Do you know me? yeah they did 😉 N’ after that they all signed our records, had a great time and got to know me.

Plus, it was the confirmation of the promise I had made  to myself at Mando Diao’s show in Greece, that next time I see them, it would be in Stockholm. 😉


(from the left) Natty Silver, Björn Dixgård, Gustaf Noren

and Stor in the background!

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