Caligola DJ set @ Sommar 2012.08.04

This summer, yes there was another time that I checked out Caligola 🙂


This time it was in a club, I have not checked them out in a club before, so every time is different hehe! There was a Dj set at  Stockholm’s  summer Club “Sommar” and there was the Salazar Brothers, Gustaf Noren, Björn Dixgård, Natty Silver, but also Stor, Carlito and other people from  the redline team. It was really fun and cool seeing them in a club, because to be honest, I wanted to see them more in a club than anywhere else, (that’s what I used to think in Greece) and I have to say that I waited all night ’till they left! There was no way I was leaving before they did!

The photos are not really clean, because there was too much smoke in the room, but you can understand who is who 🙂


The Dj Set





Gustaf Noren (photo taken by Sommar’s fanpage on facebook)


Me and Stor!





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