Lovely Stockholm

Today it was one of the longest days. I woke up when it still was night and left home around 7,30. I had class 09,00-15,30 and then after than I started again with my swedish classes. The thing is that the distances are really really long, meaning almost 1 hour from home at the first school, then train again ’till the second school, and then train again ’till home.

I finished aaall my classes around 9 in the night, I was so tired, because I couldn’t find this new class place, it is in a hood that I haven’t been before, in an enormous mall and I rolled around for almost half an hour before I found it , asking 1,000 people. Anyways as soon as I finished, I get out of the building and I see something amazing. I see that they started hanging the christmas lights in the little trees on the street. I wanted to cry, I don’t know why. Christmas in Stockholm is something that everyone has to experience. I kept thinking about it for more than 3 years and I felt it for the first time last year. And now again. I reminded myself that no matter how tired I get, IT IS WORTH IT!! THIS IS STOCKHOLM!!! So it’s okay being tired, because it often means that you try for something that matters to you. I love life in Stockholm.







  1. odilets · October 23, 2012

    thanks to you, I’m even more excited to really go there!!
    What do you think makes Stockholm so different/special compared to other European Paris?

  2. Irene Pavlidi · October 23, 2012

    I have no idea because I have never been to Paris to compare it, but what I get from all of it is that it has a beauty that leaves you very intense feelings. It has a melancolic beauty that I always loved about it.

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