Fryshuset and young entrepreneurs

As I have mentioned before, Frysuset is a youth community that has to do with a lot of creative things for young people like music, dancing, sports, live shows, djing, social activities and stuff like that. It is located in middle Stockholm and it’s a very pleasant environment with lots of fun.

I have been several times there for shows, as it also accommodates  international artists when they tour in Sweden.

This time they have an event that has to do with young entrepreneurs. It will give the chance to young people who want to start their own business, to meet people from real life, who already run their own businesses.

A lot of tips, ideas and managing skills will be going on, and since I am so interrested in managing, I have already put my name on the guest list 🙂

It will also have Djing, and live show from  Sjukstugan, Lilla Namo, Penga Per, Toffer Toff.


The event will take place this thursday, at 5 – 9 o’ clock.






See you there!!!!! 🙂

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