Sveriges Ungdomsentreprenör 2012 @Fryshuset 2012.10.25

Last night was a very educative night for me and I guess for many other young people who were at Fryshuset.

It was a night dedicated to young people who have the vision to run their own business. To help that process come along, there were people who already do that, so that they give tips and advice to the youth, and to basically be there to help  them to follow their dreams. It was very inspiring specially when every business man started to describe their own story, saying how they  first started, with no idea of how their business was going to turn out, and with no money. Actually starting from a point when you only have your vision and yourself. People are not always willing to help, you have problems with managing your money, you get dissapointed and laughed maybe by people, because you sometimes seem to have too big plans and visions…. But that night was to confirm and at the same time prove all this wrong. One of these business men said something very typical but true : ” Nothing is impossible. You are going to face hard situations but don’t be afraid of them, this is just a part of it”.

So the main idea was to fight- work hard for the things you love, believe and compare yourslef with the best of them. This is how you are going to help yourself develop.  At least this is what I got from all of this. 🙂

There was also live music from BABA recordings and DJing from my school SELECT DJ. I met my teacher Micheal after a long time and had a great time! I also talked to a lot of artists from Baba recordings and got in contact with many people 🙂



Beautiful decoration!



And Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!


Live music from BABA recordings


My vamp sister Joanne


Me and my too big vision (so big it couldn’t fit in the picture! 😀 )


And, last night was the first snowing night in Stockholm for 2012!


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