Me and Shotty Horroh last night, @Stockholm!

I have been thinking about it all day before I check out the battle, that I wanna have a pic with this guy and I want it to be a crazy one! So by the time the battle was over, I got backstage and got the coolest picture ever! He is actually the first english rapper that I met in person and he is so cool and funny! And the fact that he comes from England is always a plus, you know! 😀 Like a real english gentle man!


Me Djing @Tivoli 2012.11.23

Last night was another memorable night in Stockholm city. It was my first time ever  playing outside in a real audience and not in my room anymore. I was so freaking nervous about what it was gonna be like. I wanted to be perfect!! 😀 So I went there really early to make sure I was completely ready. Tivoli is a beautiful club, it has so lovely decoration (that my friends Niklas and Jesper from Tillsammans Med took care of 😉 ) and it is just a place that I love being. I was the first one to go, starting playing at exactly 23,00 and for one hour. I played all my favourite songs both swedish hip hop and international, and I was really surprised when people enjoyed my music, danced and sang along with it.It is a great feeling, making people have fun!! 🙂


Da shit kraaaaaaaaaaaay last night!!!!!!!!!!!!



Baby sister helping me out! ❤


Full – packed in our Hip hop dancefloor!! 😀


The house / electro dancefloor


The Pop/Rock dancefloor



My name was everywhere! 😀


And the drinks were on the house! 😀


A sample of what I played, Södra Sidan, Alpis and Näääk o Nimo of course would not be missing! My favourites!  ❤


City Christmas lights






Pat Stay VS. Shotty Horroh now on Monday 26/11 :D

It’s official and the time has come! Good for me because I can’t wait anymore. 😀 This Monday 26/11, the big battle between Pat Stay and Shotty Horroh is going to take place at  Fryshuset at 5 o’clock in the evening. I have just watched the last Shotty Horroh battle and it was great! There is so much aggressiveness (something that I love) and I expect to see that on Monday as well.

You can buy tickets for 250 kr at fryshuset on Monday between 11,00-17,00 or at the door before the battle for 280 kr.

I mean noone is gonna be missing : Kartellen, Södra Sidan, Näääk o Nimo and so many more, who wants to miss that?! 😀 😀 😀



You can take a look at the latest Shotty Horroh battle here :



Also more info about the event here :



My Dj set this friday @Tivoli !!

As I said before, I love djing, basically because I love sharing music and seeing people having fun with it. Somehow like that, I had my Dj course with my favourite Micheal ❤ and then it was time to start checking out places that I wanna play and basically places that play the music that I love playing. The first place that I enjoyed most aaaaall summer, was Sommar. ( Tivoli in the wintertime).  They have so many different dancefloors and the hip hop one, is my area haha! I was there so much this summer because it was exactly the music that I would play and the music that I wanna listen to, when I go out.

I got really lucky through my blog and I have now  my very first chance : at play my favourite music in one of Stockholm’s biggest clubs, TIVOLI! This friday you are going to find me playing real hip hop/ r n’ b  beats at this dancefloor. I can’t wait for it really! I am so happy but at the same time so nervous! My dad was in Greece this last week, so by the time I saw the poster with my name on, I turned on skype and screamed to my cousins and my dad there “My name is on the poster! Look! Irene Pavlidi! It’s meeeee!! ” hahahaha!!!  This Friday is also Näääk o Nimo at Slussen, (I wouldn’t miss it of course) but you gotta do  what you gotta do right? 🙂


Check me out!



I’ve been burning so many cds  last year and this year to be absolutely ready when the time comes! I prepared my lists last weekend and the first thing that got in my mind was Micheal and Rob my two dj teachers. They kept telling us “Burn your own music to be ready!” I had already done that a loooooong time ago so by the time they  saw me walking in the first days of the course totally prepared with my cd case and my tones of cds, they were like “Wow, we have been doing this course for so long, but we have never seen a single student being so organized with a proffesional Cd case, so many cds and printed covers! ” hahahah!! I had already done all of this!



I hope I am gonna be fine! Drop by if you are interested!

Tivoli’s adress is Fleminggatan 2, 21.00 – 03.00

See you there! 😀 😀