Studying at Södra Stockholms Folkhögskola

This year from August 2012 till May 2013 I am a student at Södra Stockholms Folkhögskola, as a project leader or in swedish “projekt verkstan” . I started thinking of it  when I registered but didn’t really know what to expect, because the educational system is so different here. I wanted to see how this would turn like.

So by the time I started, walked into the classes and stuff, I could certainly see lots of inspiring things, constructions, art, paintings and imagination. It turns out, I really like it, because I found people who think the same way like I do. And also teachers who listen to what you have to say, teachers who are helpful and open- minded. Something that in my opinion will always lack in my country.

The first days it was a bit hard because I was there for almost 7 hours every day, but then I  got used to it, because I realised  this is my job and  responsibility. I love the fact that I can talk with my classmates about my project and they can do the same with me, about our process and specially the fact that brainstorming and new ideas just pop out of our minds all day long there!

Last thing that I love is that  as soon as I said I wanna work with hip hop, all teachers started saying ” ahhh hip hop, do you know Ison and Fille? they took the exact class like you about 10 years ago! ” Hell yeah I know them! Ison and Fille is a swedish hip hop duet, who also work as individuals. From that day that they took the class that I am now, since today, they have turned out to be some of the most popular swedish hip hop artists.  This year you can also see Ison as a judge at X- Factor Sweden. Isn’t that inpiring or what???!!!



Today for instance, we had a competition going on with a question that had to do with Mando Diao (which I answered right by the way! )


And my team won a price for being best at cooperating with each other!


And the price was a big bag full of candies!! 😀



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