Mando Diao always in my heart

I used to listen to alternative music more when I was younger, but even if so, Mando Diao are always in my heart. They recently released their first album in Swedish called “Infruset”  and today they were guests in a morning TV show on the swedish television. I watched it a while ago and I have to say I was a bit surprised with myself in the first place, because I understood exactly what they said! 🙂  (In swedish! Because swedish is actually my 4th language and I am still learning! )  I also felt unbelievably happy that now I can see them every time I want to, something that I couldn’t do before. (Because I used to live in Greece and now in Stockholm.)

They got a lot of good critics for their new album, as it was said on the interview, and they will start touring in February 2013.

You can find more info about Mando Diao here : mando-diao-in-town



Here you can watch today’s interview (in swedish) at the swedish television . 🙂

(I have no idea if it’s available in other countries as well, I hope so! )


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