Me Djing @Tivoli 2012.11.23

Last night was another memorable night in Stockholm city. It was my first time ever  playing outside in a real audience and not in my room anymore. I was so freaking nervous about what it was gonna be like. I wanted to be perfect!! 😀 So I went there really early to make sure I was completely ready. Tivoli is a beautiful club, it has so lovely decoration (that my friends Niklas and Jesper from Tillsammans Med took care of 😉 ) and it is just a place that I love being. I was the first one to go, starting playing at exactly 23,00 and for one hour. I played all my favourite songs both swedish hip hop and international, and I was really surprised when people enjoyed my music, danced and sang along with it.It is a great feeling, making people have fun!! 🙂


Da shit kraaaaaaaaaaaay last night!!!!!!!!!!!!



Baby sister helping me out! ❤


Full – packed in our Hip hop dancefloor!! 😀


The house / electro dancefloor


The Pop/Rock dancefloor



My name was everywhere! 😀


And the drinks were on the house! 😀


A sample of what I played, Södra Sidan, Alpis and Näääk o Nimo of course would not be missing! My favourites!  ❤


City Christmas lights






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