An International Touch

Since everyone has been a little bit more relaxed these days, due to the holidays and the days that we were out of work or school, I had and still have a little bit of free time, and what I love doing during it, is to watch my favourite music videos on Youtube. It does not always have to do with only hip hop, but also other similar types of music that I like listening to and playing, meaning reggaeton, dancehall, R n’ B and maybe some soft House. These days I have been listening to a lot of R n’ B and reggaeton/dancehall, so I thought I should upload some videos to suggest and spread music, because this is what I love listening and playing when I have a gig. You can see a lot of Sean Paul and Pitbull in it. Another way that I like to call it, is “My Hot Tracklist” 😉


And that’s how I look when I listen to Enrique, my spanish love ❤ ❤ ❤



Enjoy! 😀

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