The Dope Boys In The Building!

So, last night we were out, at Judit & Bertil – Hornstull, for a cozy hang- out at Maskinisten’s release party. The place was full and it was so much fun hanging out with all the Internmusik crew, Sebbe Staxx, Christos, and so many more important music-related people! I learn so many things in hang- outs like this. Sebbe told me that I speak swedish so much better than he ever will, when I told him  that we have been here for just   almost two years now haha! 🙂 Plus we also hanged with Christos who seemed so happy since this video is his first music video ever 🙂






And the sisters got Sebbe Staxx in the middle and started taking pics! So much fun! 🙂





Sebbe with my greek- artist friend Christos ❤



Such a cool night! Stock city lights on our way home ❤


And of course the video (It was released yesterday at the Kingsize Magazine page, but I wanted to upload it here today so that I have pics from the party too 🙂 )


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