A Good Student

So, yesterday I found out about my test results on my swedish exams. This level of exams is kind of important because it is on the national level, so it demanded a lot of focus and skills, general knowledge and imagination. This period to be honest , I hadn’t had so much time to focus on studying swedish because I had my college class,I have my work, my blog, events are running all the time, so I couldn’t focus on it like I did last year. But this year I had a thing that helped way more than anything : I have my college class in swedish and I hang out mostly with my swedish classmates, so it just became so mush easier than before. The first month was so hard, that I literally had headaches every day, trying to think in 3 languages at the same time (swedish, english, and greek). But then, I just started talking along with them, and I never actually realised how much time had passed and I talked only swedish and not english any more! Of course there are moments that you just need to speak in english too, but I force myself almost all the time to not think in english anymore every time I am around swedish people 🙂 And I guess it works out 🙂

Of course there are always people who are gonna play it bossy and correct you in every single mistake you might make in their language, but to these people I wanna say that it is the effort that matters and I am really proud of myself and my sister that we have been here almost 2 years and we can say that we almost understand everything when other people talk.

My baby sister had the highest score in the national test in her school among the 3 classes of students who come from other countries like us. 🙂

I always say how much I love Sweden and Swedish, but to be really honest one thing that maybe dissapointed me a bit, is that I haven’t found an organized institution where someone can learn swedish in an appropriate way. Everyone talks about S.F.I. (Svenska För Invandare) (Swedish for immigrants), but to be honest it is not the way to learn swedish right. In real life, it is not as helpful as people might think.  People always said “don’t think about it, just talk, talk, talk.” But the point for me was not to talk, was to talk right. I am kind of a perfectionist in things like this, so when I wanna do something, I wanna do it right, not just do it. So the only way to learn how to talk is to do it by yourself. This is why it was super hard for me in the first place because I had never learnt to study in that way. I always had some guidance by teachers, or some material that I could work with.

But either way, I can say that I can talk pretty well so far, and I will keep going till I finish the swedish studies in the highest level. 🙂

On the way to the top!! 🙂


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