A Special Day

Last Tuesday was indeed a special day. I have almost 2 months now, that I can call myself super lucky, because I have started working with a person that means so much to me, and has inspired me in a way that not many people have in my life. I am talking of course about my Dj teacher  Mikey Mic.

I recently started working with him, in his project and I have to say that I am more than happy and grateful for this chance. Every day at work is so fun and so educative. I have the chance to be around people who work with music in a super professional way and learn so much from it.

The more the time passes by, the more I realize that this is actually something that I had imagined  I would be doing since I was so young. Waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee, going to the office and start working, planning, organizing and building the carrier of an artist. It is more than awesome.

Micheal is a great person in my opinion and this is why he has a special space in my blog. I remember when we ended the course and I was so unsure about things and we used to talk on the phone for so long, just to make sure I have the right advice  in my head and I  make the right decisions in chances that might come up. And one thing that I will never ever forget is that he told me in the exact words that he had seen the passion for music in me from the very first moment he met me. He knows what he is talking about! 🙂

So last Tuesday, we had a special session, at Sturecompagniet, (where we had the DJ course) and we played again all our favourite music, hanged out and had fun. Super cool! 🙂


photo copy

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