The First Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Today was the last day for the first year in my college class at Projektverkstan / Södra Stockholms Folkhögskola. God, what a year!!! My project (my blog) had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of happiness and excitement , but also a lot of disappointment and tears. I want to believe that the general part of my goal has been succeeded,meaning starting a platform that me and people with the same interests (artists, bloggers, managers, producers, djs) can use to spread, show and embrace the love for music.

I love the fact that I had this class and these classmates to push me when I needed a push, to motivate and help me when I needed help and also to comfort me through my “dark times” when I really needed it. I believe that I  have been on the right track and  have learnt so much under this time, from technical things like how you use Mac, till how important it is to believe in yourself because there is no one else like you in the whole world.

I also got a little surprise, my lovely class and teachers got me presents from their class trip!! I was not able to go because I had my swedish test those days (which I successfully passed!! ) , but they all made me feel special by saying that they have been thinking of me. And this is what matters most.

We were also given back the letters that we had written to ourselves when we first started. The only thing that I will say about mine is that among other things I also wrote “have a couple of tattoos, show some attitude! ” hahaha!!

I hope you all like my effort and “hustle” and  keep liking it as I will try to make it go as far as it can. All artists / producers /managers that might read this, I would love to listen / contact any of you who works with music and has anything to say about my project.

A special thank you to my 2 favorite artists ever Alpis and Christopher from Södrasidan, who have always said good words about my blog and have always shown respect for it.

And also the man who has helped me so much by believing in me and giving me my first work opportunity  but also real and strong advice through the tough times, my special Micheal.

Last but not least all my classmates, boys and girls who have been keeping up with me when I couldn’t talk swedish but still showed respect and support and my lovely teachers Tova, Åke,  Suz and Max that taught me so unbelievably much within these months.

I will see you (most of you) next year! Have a great summer! (Jessica we are going to check out  some shows during summer right?!! )

Må bäst!

Irene / The Urban side




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