Last Friday we were at my man’s place and had a celebration because his song just came out on youtube. I am talking about one of my besties Jozza K and his family!  We had so much fun in his house (beautiful house by the way!) and we totally had  a photoshoot. Blast!!


chill nigga


fuck a hater3


sexed up2

sexed up3




Jason Derulo Live @ Sommarkrysset

Last night might also have been one of the best nights ever. As you all may know yesterday was the swedish celebration “Midsommar”. It is one of the biggest swedish celebrations and it has mostly to do with celebrating the summer and the big summer sunny days. Yesterday was also the premier of the swedish TV show “Sommarkrysset”.

I have been to Sommarkrysset last year and this year I found out that one of my favorite artists Jason Derulo was going to be there to perform his new hit “The other side”. I have been so inspired by him , specially last year after I found out about his accident. He is my living example of “nothing is impossible”.

Jason Derulo is one of the biggest pop stars of our age, super talented in my opinion and one of the best live performers I have ever seen. Last year a while ago before his tour started he had an accident : He literally broke his neck. I had read an article on facebook about his misfortune and it described that 95 % of the people who are hurt like this normally die. So that makes it 5% chances to live. He was one of the people that survive this injury.

I used to watch his progress really close and even though he had to cancel all his tour (I would watch him live in march 2012), I didn’t really care about it as long as he was doing great with his health. I was and still am amazed by what a great fighter he is and that he does not give up on his dance moves no matter what.

I was really close to him and took a lot of pictures. He is exactly as I thought he would be, beautiful with an amazing smile and positive energy. I can’t describe how much me and my sister cried when we saw his last video ” The other side”. He is super talented in what he does and I believe that he was meant to be exactly what he is.

Here are the moments captured on my cam!

photo-57 copy

photo-55 copy

photo-59 copy

photo-60 copy

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Gröna lund treats! ❤





Best moment of the day 🙂





Here is the link of his performance , I have no idea if it is available in other countries sorry!



His latest hit ” The other side”

But my favorite song of him is this. No matter how many times I listen to it, I want more. It is actually one of the best songs I have ever heard. The song itself leaves you with so intense feelings and I was really curious to see what the video was going to be like. Once I saw it, I knew that it could not be better. There are no words to describe the feelings when you listen to it.

30 Seconds To Mars Live @ Gröna Lund

That night might as well have been the best night ever. I said it all day long that day and I will be saying it for as long as I wish. We went to see 30 seconds to Mars at Gröna Lund. I have loved Jared Leto since I was 16. I had spent one whole summer listening to just his music and watching his movies. He is so inspirational to me. He has such an angelic voice and it is perfectly combined with his angelic look.

The reason why I will never forget that night is because I had the chance to stand up on stage with him. It felt like a lie. When I was 16 and watched him on tv, he felt so far away like I will never actually be able to see him. And even if it was for a show, who would have thought that I will have him standing in front of me, jumping, screaming and dancing to their beautiful music. The whole night was a lie.

A while before the show started, a girl from the crew comes towards us and asks if we want to get up on stage, me and a couple of other girls. I thought she was kidding, but on the last song of the show she comes, points at us and says “come on”. So I realized she is not jerking around. My hands could not stop shaking, my heart was beating with 1000 beats per minute. It was Jared Leto standing in front of me and all of us standing if front of thousands of people.

I don’t really have a lot more to say, only that it was actually the best music experience, better than peace and love festival and it reminded me straight on why I want to work so much with music.

Here is all I have from that night. We love you ,too Mars, always did , always will.

photo-13 copy


photo-16 copy


photo-17 copy


photo-18 copy


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Laughing Like Never Before

Last night we were out with our fabulous friend Chris and his friends. We went downtown at Sommar. It is so beautiful this time of the year. I couldn’t even count how many different dance floors they have now, inside and out, and the best thing, this time of the year it doesn’t get dark at all. Just a deep blue color in the sky around 12 in the night and then starting getting bright again. We had so much fun, laughed so much, danced, great music with good friends around. Perfect. The best thing in the night : One guy comes towards me on the dance floor , he looks at me and says ” U look like an artist that comes from Albania.” I think to myself and reply saying ” I am sorry I don’t really know any artists from Albania!” He says “No, you definitely look like her, I will google her name wait”.  So , I wait and after a second he comes back and says “Her name is Rita Ora!!! ” I started jumping up and down thanking the poor kid 100 times hahaha! I say  “You said from Albania, I consider her more english, because she was born in Albania,but she was raised in London”. He says “Yeah, no matter what you look like her! ” haha, one of the best things ever! 😀










National Day

Yesterday 06/06 was the Swedish national day. A lot of chaos , parties and crazy things were happening in town! We checked out a really big beach party with african music at Fridhemsplan. 🙂