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Inkbash 2013

Inkbash is the name of the biggest tattoo exhibition in Sweden. I have been there before and I will be there too this year. It is so much fun since it combines a lot of different artistic perspectives. More specifically, tattoo artists from all across Europe are going to be taking part in it, doing drop-in tattoos for everyone who is interested. It is an international festival , so there is way many artists who will be taking part. Also there is going to be (as every year) live music acts , too. It is going to take place at Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 30th , 31th of August and 1st September.

For more info about the tattoo artists, you can check out their official site, with a lot of pictures from past years tattoo art and also the fanpage and event page on Facebook and my last year’s post here:



Today me and my friends were downtown to one of the most known record stores in Stockholm. I found out there are still people who actually buy cds and what is more vinyls, too. My friend was looking for a specific jazz vinyl as a gift to one of her friends and she actually found it! While I was waiting for her, I took a closer look around and I found out so many records, old and new, originals and remixes. It reminded me of the time that I was 11 and 12 , I actually used to spend all my money on buying records. But then the times changed and I started downloading music and copying from here and there, coming to today when we actually listen to iTunes and spotify. I would still buy records though, if I could. Would you? 🙂

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Fuckface Unstoppable

So today I was out with my friend Paris and I noticed something funky going on at Slussen’s unending poster square. Bam Margera is going to be in Sweden for two shows, one in Stockholm and one in Göteborg. I can’t really say that I keep up with his latest news and carrier but I used to love him as a teenager, watching “Viva la Bam” on MTV for so many hours. And also other shows of his like “Jackass” and “Bam’s unholy union”.

Here is the show info :

Bam Margera from Jackass is Fuckface Unstoppable feat. members of CKY
Club Fryshuset – Stockholm
Mårtendahlsg. 2-8
Tuesday 30 july 2013

If you are interested in checking out the show, here is the ticket link  :

I haven’t really understood what he does now, is he a singer along with all these artists that he is surrounded by on his pictures? Feel free to leave any  comments below if you have any clue about it! I think it’s going to be fun checking this one out!


The Return Of The Queen

Such great news today! The official date is now released.

11/11 is the day that the next Lady Gaga album “Artpop” is going to be released.

The first single is going to be out on the 19th of august. The whole new project Artpop is also going to be released as an app, as it will combine music, art, fashion and technology.

The best thing I read in this article is that for Gaga Artpop is a celebration of obsession.

Eyes wide open for the 19th of august!!