That Moment Came Finally True

That moment finally came true last night. After living for 2 years in this country, I was finally able to see Mando Diao , my favorite band, the band that has inspired me like no one else , live.

It was a night full of really strong emotions. I could not believe that in this empty scene full of instruments, Gustaf Noren and Björn Dixgård were actually going to perform live along with the whole Mando Diao crew. As soon as I saw them coming out, I knew that it was not in my head any more. The flashbacks kept running through my brain like these dejavu moments that you can’t actually realize if they are true or not. I kept thinking  about  the moment when I saw them live for the first time, that night in Greece, and how much my life changed since then. How much I grew up as a person and how much they actually contributed to that. Also how much they have changed since that night. How deep their music has become and how wide range of different ages you could actually see among the people standing next to me. They all were there for the same reason.

A while before the show started , a little blonde boy comes standing next to me and watches the stage with so much passion in his eyes. I knew we felt the same way about what we were going to see. So I ask him how much he likes them. His eyes explained it all. And the fact that he knew every single lyric of their latest album. This feeling was beyond anything that I felt for such a long time. The  whole crowd was so silent and watched with so much support and love.

It was so hard to keep my tears while I listened to their voices like that again. These faces, these feelings that sometimes you think they are not actually there, because reality can drown you so much in the every day life , and then here comes this moment to remind me that I actually achieved so much within the last two years. My love for music and for them brought me where I am today. It made me have faith again and even explore my artistic nature and create this blog in the first place, as a tiny way to just say a really huge and meaningful “thank you”. A huge part of who I am today, what I want to do and who I want to be through my blog and my work , is based on you.

I actually think that this piece must be the most honest one that I have written here.  I really love you from the bottom of my heart ( and my whole family too) and hope one day to get to work with you , as well. You are and always have been such hard workers and perfectionists and there is nothing in this country that has inspired me more than that. All love.

DSC_3605 copy

DSC_3612 copy

DSC_3614 copy

DSC_3617 copy


DSC_3622 copy

DSC_3624 copy

DSC_3626 copy

DSC_3627 copy

DSC_3629 copy

DSC_3640 copy

DSC_3641 copy

DSC_3642 copy

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DSC_3658 copy

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DSC_3748 copy

DSC_3625 copy


photo-142 copy


  1. Herta · July 6, 2013

    Your Personal review is wonderful and I know exactly what you felt during and still are feeling after the concert. This Swedish songs are full of deep emotions and they show once more how creative Mando Diao are and what great musicians they are. I’ve seen five concerts during the “Infruset” tour in february and I’m still flashed. I’m looking forward to seeing them live soon again at least twice.

  2. Herta · July 6, 2013

    …..and thanks a lot for your wonderful photos!

    • Irene Pavlidi · July 6, 2013

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I am very glad you liked my piece!

  3. reganking2013 · July 22, 2013

    What a great review – your passion for the band really comes through and makes me wish I was there!!

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