One Step Closer To The Dream

Today Mando Diao shared almost all of my pictures on their summertour album on Facebook! I got so happy. It feels so great when something that you do is being recognized and acknowledged. Now so many people are going to be able to see them , since their fan page has almost 350,000 likes 😀 . Thank you so much guys, one love.



You can also check out my pictures here :

Heard About It Yet?

Last night I’ve read on instagram that Sugarplum Fairy will not be attending Mando Diao’s two shows at Borlänge on the 30th and 31st of august, due to Kristian’s health condition. I have also read in the newspaper in the beginning of the summer that Kristian from Sugarplum Fairy is suffering from cancer. It is so sad to hear that and to actually hear that they are not going to be able to be a part of the shows. To be really honest , I have already seen the Infruset Tour twice already and this time I bought the tickets also because Sugarplum fairy were going to be part of it as well. It would feel so great if I could see both of my two favorite bands perform together in their hometown. I am sure a venue like that must have taken place again in the past , but unfortunately I was not here to watch it.

Let’s hope Kristian gets better soon and also hope for many more Sugarplum Fairy shows to come in the future. Get well Kristian! ❤

For more info, you can read the press message by Live Nation (in swedish) :


Give Me That Thing I Love

A couple of days ago, Lady Gaga’s new release was leaked. Even though the official song was supposed to be released on he 19th of august, the track got leaked and after this she released it officially , too. the song is called “Applause” and it had almost 10,000,000 views within 48 hours. This is the power that Lady Gaga has. If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is!!


And the best cover that I’ve heard of it so far!

Special Every Time

Another magical moment this summer. Last night at Mando Diao’s show at Kulturfestival at Central Stockholm. Stockholm’s kulturfestival takes place every year around the 15th of august with music, dance and art. This summer my favorite band was there  to perform live and of course I had a press pass to go as close to the stage  as I could and take a lot of pictures. There are no words to describe how much their work is appreciated, not only by me, but for so many people. I realized that once more last night. And also that for me  it feels hard to describe exactly how much I admire and love their work. I could just say that it felt amazing once again. Even though the Infruset tour has the same concept all across the country, for me it feels special every single time.

I hope I did a good job with the pictures, I hope you like them as I tried not to edit them a lot , because they were already so beautiful. I am so happy that I will see Mando diao once again before the summer is gone, at Borlänge with Sugarplum Fairy. It is  going to be epic.

Here are the moments captured on my cam from their show last night Central Stockholm – Kulturfestival. Feel free to leave any comments! 😀 😀

DSC_3744 copy DSC_3756 copy DSC_3766 copy DSC_3796 copy DSC_3804 copy DSC_3813 copy DSC_3814 copy DSC_3834 copy DSC_3851 copy DSC_3853 copy DSC_3862 copy DSC_3863 copy DSC_3908 copy DSC_3931 copy

DSC_4033 copy

Me and my crew after the show! 😀


Do Or Die

Do or Die is the name of the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video release. The only person who knows how much I cried when I saw it last night is my sister. You kind of need moments like this to remind you how much you have to try for your dreams and for the things and the people you believe in. I believe in music and in bands like them. I actually remember when I was at their concert here in Stockholm jared Leto saying “If you scream enough we might actually put you in our new video” and so they did!! There are moments of their show in Stockholm on the video along with their ride at the roller coaster in Stockholm’s amusement park “Gröna Lund”. It is amazing how much power music can have and how many people there are out there who cannot live without it. I am one of them.





If you want to check out my pictures from their show, here is a quick look :