Do Or Die

Do or Die is the name of the latest 30 Seconds to Mars video release. The only person who knows how much I cried when I saw it last night is my sister. You kind of need moments like this to remind you how much you have to try for your dreams and for the things and the people you believe in. I believe in music and in bands like them. I actually remember when I was at their concert here in Stockholm jared Leto saying “If you scream enough we might actually put you in our new video” and so they did!! There are moments of their show in Stockholm on the video along with their ride at the roller coaster in Stockholm’s amusement park “Gröna Lund”. It is amazing how much power music can have and how many people there are out there who cannot live without it. I am one of them.





If you want to check out my pictures from their show, here is a quick look :

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