Heard About It Yet?

Last night I’ve read on instagram that Sugarplum Fairy will not be attending Mando Diao’s two shows at Borlänge on the 30th and 31st of august, due to Kristian’s health condition. I have also read in the newspaper in the beginning of the summer that Kristian from Sugarplum Fairy is suffering from cancer. It is so sad to hear that and to actually hear that they are not going to be able to be a part of the shows. To be really honest , I have already seen the Infruset Tour twice already and this time I bought the tickets also because Sugarplum fairy were going to be part of it as well. It would feel so great if I could see both of my two favorite bands perform together in their hometown. I am sure a venue like that must have taken place again in the past , but unfortunately I was not here to watch it.

Let’s hope Kristian gets better soon and also hope for many more Sugarplum Fairy shows to come in the future. Get well Kristian! ❤

For more info, you can read the press message by Live Nation (in swedish) : http://www.livenation.se/news?id=452852


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