The Art Of Fashion : Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition @ Moderna Museet

Today me and my sister visited Moderna Museet in Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, as we both love fashion almost equally the same. The exhibition took place almost all summer, with many of the designer’s actual creations exposed from different collections over the years. What I really loved about it is that I didn’t really know that there are fashion designers who support the trashy, punk, fishnet looks (like mine), but I found out that Jean Paul Gaultier is one of them.

There was also a lot of information about the designer’s background, about the people that have inspired him to create his art throughout the years and also a lot of artists who have and still wear his creations, the most easy-to-remember Madonna.

I really enjoyed it, tomorrow is the last day that the exhibition is available, if you haven’t visited it yet , you should have done it by now!

My pictures are not edited at all, so that the real colors can show. If you are a fashion lover, enjoy! 😀

photo-162 photo-163 photo-164photo-165 photo-166 photo-168photo-169 photo-170 photo-171photo-172 photo-173 photo-174photo-175 photo-176 photo-177photo-178 photo-179 photo-180photo-181 photo-182 photo-183photo-184 photo-185 photo-186photo-187 photo-188 photo-189photo-190 photo-191 photo-192photo-193 photo-194 photo-195photo-196 photo-197 photo-198photo-199 photo-200 photo-201photo-202 photo-203 photo-204photo-205 photo-206 photo-207photo-208

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