Lost In The City Of Angels

Every time I watch a Thirty Seconds To Mars video, I force myself to think so much about so many different things. This is just the teaser, I cannot even imagine what the video is going to be like. Can’t wait for sure!


Another new release by Gaga! The song is called “Venus”, fresh , new , electric sound! 😀

Do What You Want

Lady Gaga’s new release! The song is called “Do what you want” and it features R.Kelly. It will also be included in her new album which is going to be released on the 11th of November. Go Gaga!

Viktor And The Blood Live @ P3 Session / Sveriges Radio

So last night I saw Viktor and The Blood live at a P3 Session at Sveriges radio. The place was really cool and cozy with a good atmosphere and perfect lightning , which means that I was able to take good pictures. 😀 The band was energetic and the whole gig felt really fun because the audience was really quiet and payed attention throughout the whole time. I was also able to ask the band one question live on the radio programme and this was if, apart from music they work out usually. The answer was yes, off course, as they have to keep in shape since they travel a lot. Maybe they don’t train as much as they want to, but they sure thing is that they do.

It was a cool night indeed, I hope more bands will have sessions like that in the future. Here is what I captured with my camera!  😀 Feel free to share, comment or reblog! ( You can also follow me on instagram for videos as well! )

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Happy girls after the gig!


Picture published at Sveriges radio website with me asking the band my question. 😀 (picture by Liv Ungermark)


Olly Murs Live @ Fryshuset – Stockholm

So last night ( as I blogged already about it) was the big Olly Murs show in Stockholm, Sweden. I was a part of it and I can gladly say that it was a show full of energy, smiles and a lot of dancing! It was really good to watch a british artist perform live in a crowd so passionate about him. He performed almost all of his hits and along with that he managed to keep the audience in a really good mood with telling jokes , making the people feel more cozy and keep smiling. I also enjoyed the opening act by Ulrik Munther.

The only thing that made me a bit stressed is that I was not allowed to have my camera with me and the photos I took (with i Phone 5) are nothing like I normally do. I apologize for that and promise to be way better next time.

Here is a taste of last night’s show! 😀

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Olly Murs – One Step Closer

I have mentioned it before that I have recently started working at Fryshuset. Before I got this job I used to be there really often as my passion for music and music events had dragged me there so much. Now that I have started working, I am finally able to feel one step closer to what I want to do and how I want to work.

Today is a big day for me because I am able to have access as a blogger to be at a show of one really popular artist of our time : Olly Murs! 😀  I have read a lot about him and also know a lot of his hits, as they haven’t stopped playing on the swedish radio.

Olly Murs is a young artist coming from the UK,  known for his participation in X Factor UK in 2009! Now he and me are almost 2 hours apart from each other as my name is on the guest list for tonight’s show. My feelings are so heightened and to be really honest I feel happy and proud of myself because I feel one step closer than I was yesterday.

The funny thing about my work is that I have the chance to meet so many  young and inspiring people, just like the girls that I talked to a while ago, who have been waiting for the show doors to open since this morning, which makes it almost 12 hours now!

If you are interested in Olly’s music and want to see more of him, keep up because I will be uploading all my pictures almost right after the show.  You can also follow me on instagram ( Irene Pavlidi)  if you want to have straight updates and sneak peak pictures! 😀

Here is a taste of tonight’s feelings and mood here at Fryshuset. The show starts at 18.30. Are you here as well? 😀


Viktor And The Blood Live – P3 Session

Dear Viktor and The Blood lovers, this one is for you! The band is going to play live this Wednesday at Radiohuset – Stockholm, at a P3 radio session. If you want to be a part of the audience all you have to do is click this link at their fanpage on facebook and fill up your personal info so that you can get free tickets for the venue. 😀