Olly Murs Live @ Fryshuset – Stockholm

So last night ( as I blogged already about it) was the big Olly Murs show in Stockholm, Sweden. I was a part of it and I can gladly say that it was a show full of energy, smiles and a lot of dancing! It was really good to watch a british artist perform live in a crowd so passionate about him. He performed almost all of his hits and along with that he managed to keep the audience in a really good mood with telling jokes , making the people feel more cozy and keep smiling. I also enjoyed the opening act by Ulrik Munther.

The only thing that made me a bit stressed is that I was not allowed to have my camera with me and the photos I took (with i Phone 5) are nothing like I normally do. I apologize for that and promise to be way better next time.

Here is a taste of last night’s show! 😀

photo-9 copyphoto-10 copyphoto-11 copyphoto-5 copyphoto-5 copy copyphoto-6 copy copyphoto-7 copy 2 copyphoto-8 copy copyphoto-8 copy



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