Viktor And The Blood Live @ P3 Session / Sveriges Radio

So last night I saw Viktor and The Blood live at a P3 Session at Sveriges radio. The place was really cool and cozy with a good atmosphere and perfect lightning , which means that I was able to take good pictures. 😀 The band was energetic and the whole gig felt really fun because the audience was really quiet and payed attention throughout the whole time. I was also able to ask the band one question live on the radio programme and this was if, apart from music they work out usually. The answer was yes, off course, as they have to keep in shape since they travel a lot. Maybe they don’t train as much as they want to, but they sure thing is that they do.

It was a cool night indeed, I hope more bands will have sessions like that in the future. Here is what I captured with my camera!  😀 Feel free to share, comment or reblog! ( You can also follow me on instagram for videos as well! )

DSC_4236 copyDSC_4237 copyDSC_4241 copyDSC_4247 copyDSC_4256 copyDSC_4258 copyDSC_4261 copyDSC_4268 copyDSC_4269 copyDSC_4277 copyDSC_4306 copyDSC_4279 copyDSC_4287 copyDSC_4309 copyDSC_4325 copyDSC_4332 copyDSC_4342 copyDSC_4410 copyDSC_4413 copyDSC_4455 copyDSC_4460 copyDSC_4475 copyDSC_4484 copyphoto-3

Happy girls after the gig!


Picture published at Sveriges radio website with me asking the band my question. 😀 (picture by Liv Ungermark)



  1. Herta · October 17, 2013

    Great pics and a nice report! Looking forward to seeing them very soon in Berlin!

    • Irene Pavlidi · October 17, 2013

      Thanks! I’m sure you are going to have a great time!

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