As you may have noticed, Gaga’s latest album “Artpop” was released this month and along with that, the Artpop application was  released, too. What you can do with this app, is that you can find out more about yourself and your creative nature, meet other people who have the same interests and also two more functions that will be released later on. Before you set up the app completely, you are going to be asked to find out about your AURA, kind of like the song. Once you answer the questions, an image of how your Aura looks like will appear on the screen. My Aura looks like this. Pretty cool huh? 😀


Married To The Night

I had ordered a “Marry the night” t – shirt from the Born this way ball, a couple of weeks ago , and it looks like this. “Marry the night” is one of my favorite songs ever. This album actually had helped me so much when I first moved here and I wanted to have the t- shirt to remind me where I stand and how far I want to go. The t – shirt represents Gaga in an animation way and the clothes that she is wearing are part of the song’s video.



Last Wednesday we had  a photoshoot with Halloween as the main theme. The shooting took place in a real mansion a few minutes outside Stockholm and the hair and make up were done by my friend Kassie. We had worked together before so this made the whole thing twice as fun, plus the mansion and the vampire mood made the whole concept really realistic! Here is a few of the pictures taken by me! Take a look! 🙂