2013 Highlights

2013 has been pretty great for me. 🙂 I danced on stage with Jared Leto and 30 seconds to Mars, I watched Jason Derulo from a breath-distance, I saw Fun live, I dj:ed so many times through the summer, I got a lot of press-passes as a blogger to shoot bands ad artists in festivals /gigs / events, I was pretty much in every single Mando Diao show in Stockholm and also travelled to Borlänge to see them live at their last tour show with Sugarplum fairy, I have also travelled for vacation after 2 years of straight working – studying, I watched Viktor and the Blood in pretty much every show in Stockholm and also been or P3 Sveriges radio live with them on stage. Not bad at all I would say! I hope 2014 is so much more creative and fun for me and my creative nature 😀 😀 . I wish all of you who will be out there partying hard to keep going and have fun in the best way possible. Be safe friends, see you all in 2014 with many more bands and music!!!!