Apocalypse Right Now

So obviously this is the title of Viktor and The Blood’s first album! As I have read on their Facebook fanpage ” This is the beginning of a very longlasting, beautiful friendship.” Sounds really promising!

I would describe it as “pure rock with maybe touches of classic pop”. In my opinion it is really smart to release an album in the beginning of the year because then you have the whole year and of course summer ahead of you to promote it and also tour. I like their sound, I have always liked it and can’t wait for the tour dates here in Stockholm, I will definitely be there!

My favorite song so far is “Not worth a second of my time”. Want to check out the album as well? Here is the Spotify link!





Back On Track

The new Mando Diao release premiered on Sveriges Radio this morning! The song is called “Black Saturday” and it is going to be released digitally also this Saturday 11.01. It is such cool sound, old glam Rock n’ Roll. I love this music so much, it is so ME!

Their new album is called “Aelita” and it is going to be released this spring.

You can listen to the song on the link below, just to have the first taste of it and eyes wide open on Saturday when it is going to be officially released! Mando Diao never disappoint me in making good music and this always shows! Thumbs up guys!



Photo: Diktator AB