Chris Daughtry

Last night was a magical one. I was able to get a media pass from Live Nation as a blogger, to one of my favorite bands of all time, Daughtry. I have been in love with them since I was 16 years old. Their music is one of the best sounds in our generation I think and combined with Chris’ amazing voice it takes it to a whole other level.

The whole show felt incredible and totally professional with no delays or anything like that. I love this band so much and last night was a night definitely to remember. If you haven’t checked them live yet, do yourself a favor and buy tickets next time they are around. I can assure you that you won’t regret it. Mark my words for it.

If you’ve ever been to their show, feel free to comment at the comment section to let me know how you felt! 

Here are the moments that were captured on my camera! I was also able to get one of the track lists as soon as the show was over.

Long live Rock and Roll!

photo 1-18photo 5-15photo 1-17photo 1-23 photo 1-24photo 1-36 photo 1-49 photo 1-56 photo 1-61 photo 1-71 photo 1-72 photo 1-77 photo 2-17photo 2-22 photo 2-23 photo 2-29 photo 2-34 photo 2-41 photo 2-45 photo 2-50 photo 2-51 photo 2-60 photo 2-62 photo 2-76 photo 2-77photo 2-81 photo 3-19 photo 3-21 photo 3-22 photo 3-28 photo 3-32 photo 3-35 photo 3-36 photo 3-51 photo 3-58 photo 3-65 photo 3-68 photo 3-69 photo 3-81 photo 3-82 photo 4-13 photo 4-16photo 4-18 photo 4-30 photo 4-32photo 4-73 photo 4-68 photo 4-59 photo 4-57 photo 4-49 photo 4-47 photo 4-45photo 5-16 photo 5-19 photo 5-26 photo 5-33 photo 5-36 photo 5-37 photo 5-46 photo 5-49 photo 5-58 photo 5-63 photo 5-67 photo 5-77photo 3-20 photo 4-29photo-3

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