As a lot of you may have already noticed, Mando Diao’s new album “Aelita” was released this morning. I have already read what Gustaf Noren mentioned on their facebook page and also all the comments that people have made. The thing is that I totally agree with what he said, that basically every new record that they make, they experience new things, new dimensions and also that Mando Diao do NOT have a specific sound . They develop their sound every time they release something and along with that their music is developed as well. As myself want to get involved in the music industry, the first thing I remind myself every time I listen to new music is that you have to respect the vision and perspective of the artist whether or not you like the album.

What I can say from my experience with Mando Diao is that I have always supported them and still do of course, but as about the sound of Aelita, it is something that I cannot relate with. I do not like electro sound so much and from what I can understand, Aelita is a lot influenced by that. Also that I prefer listening to music that is harder, or that it gives you intense feelings. Something to make your heart scream from the inside. Maybe other people might say that Aelita feels like this. I would not say so.

I have also seen an interview about a month ago with Gustaf Noren and Björn Dixgård in a radio station here in Stockholm, and what made me think a bit further is what Gustaf mentioned, that here in Sweden, when people do not understand something, they automatically hate it. I would say people are like that pretty much everywhere. What I can say for myself (because I do not judge based on other people’s opinions) is that I always listen to music that I can relate to. Music that for me, gives you a reason to wake up every morning. To make you believe in yourself and to make you have faith in life. As I mentioned before, I cannot relate with Aelita at this point.

What I can say about it is that if I was asked to play music as a dj on a beach, I would definitely put this album on a lounge mix. This is more what it sounds like to me.

I am super curious to find out what you guys think about it, if you can relate with it and what it sounds like to you! Feel free to comment on the comment section below . 🙂

I have not seen anything about any shows here in Stockholm yet, I will have my eyes wide open and of course if anything comes up, I will be there!

Here’s what the album cover looks like and a link to listen the album on Spotify. 🙂






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