Anything Goes

Gaga is collaborating again with  the jazz legend Tony Bennett. This is actually the lead single of their upcoming jazz album/project together which is called “Cheek to cheek” and they are going to release on the 23rd of September. Gaga and Tony Bennett have worked together before and this time they are releasing a whole jazz album. Like jazz? Check it out! 😀


Hotter Than Hell

These days the weather is hotter than hell! Everyone is on holidays and I am here in Stockholm city. Up next on the schedule is Stockholm’s Kulturfestival, where I will probably get access to shoot. Have a great day friends! ❤️😄


Summer Triad Alert

My Summer Triad Alert by the lake today. Sorry you can’t see the lake! There was a deer around and I didn’t want to scare it off! ❤️😄