Stockholm Beer And Whisky Festival

Today we were at Stockholm Beer and Whisky festival! It was such a nice experience! I have never been there before actually but I know I will from now on. There was so much people and the atmosphere was really cozy. There were so many whisky and beer brands and most of people seemed to really be enjoying it and have a great time. I also met the guys from H.E.A.T since as I’ve written before Erik Grönwall has his own spot at the festival , introducing to the world his beer named “Hadiraja” .

We had a great time and if there’s anyone wondering if you should check it out, here’s your chance to do so! 🙂


Enjoy the pics! 🙂

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A Little Hadiraja

I just received my press pass for “Stockholm Beer And Whisky Festival ” which is going to take place on the 25-27 September & 2-4 october 2014. I am mostly curious to taste Erik Grönwall’s beer which is called “Hadiraja” but also check out the whole festival since I haven’t been to a similar one before! Let’s see how it turns out! I will probably be there on Saturday evening. 🙂



Rock Cruise

Last night i booked tickets for this amazing cruise on the 10th of October! It is going to be a 36 hours rocking cruise from Stockholm to Helsingfors and back.  One of my favorite bands on the planet is gonna play there and there was no way I would miss it! I am talking of course about H.E.A.T  . There is going to be a lot of bands and among them was going to be Survivor too, but I have read mixed stuff about them since their lead singer died a couple of months ago. I’ve read on Facebook that they are not going to play any more, but what I’ve read was not officially said, so we ‘ ll see.

I am so happy that H.E.A.T are going to be a part of it, I love this band so much and it is kind of amazing how many hours they keep me company throughout the day. Specially in college. Here’s the cruise’s official poster and a pic of H.E.A.T that I took at Stockholm Rocks festival. I am not sure if there is going to be wifi available at the boat to blog directly, but I will take as many pics as possible and I am also having a photo pass to get exclusive pics at the show. ALL ABOARD!! 🙂 ❤





The Royal Zapphire @ Husetfestivalen

Today The Royal Zapphire played at Husetfestivalen at Huddinge. They are on a mission, to  “Save Rock N’ Roll”  and they sure as hell have my support! Here’s a couple of moments captured on my cam. If you haven’t heard their music yet, feel free to do so on this link :


Enjoy! 🙂

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