Rock Cruise

Last night i booked tickets for this amazing cruise on the 10th of October! It is going to be a 36 hours rocking cruise from Stockholm to Helsingfors and back.  One of my favorite bands on the planet is gonna play there and there was no way I would miss it! I am talking of course about H.E.A.T  . There is going to be a lot of bands and among them was going to be Survivor too, but I have read mixed stuff about them since their lead singer died a couple of months ago. I’ve read on Facebook that they are not going to play any more, but what I’ve read was not officially said, so we ‘ ll see.

I am so happy that H.E.A.T are going to be a part of it, I love this band so much and it is kind of amazing how many hours they keep me company throughout the day. Specially in college. Here’s the cruise’s official poster and a pic of H.E.A.T that I took at Stockholm Rocks festival. I am not sure if there is going to be wifi available at the boat to blog directly, but I will take as many pics as possible and I am also having a photo pass to get exclusive pics at the show. ALL ABOARD!! 🙂 ❤





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