Stockholm Beer And Whisky Festival

Today we were at Stockholm Beer and Whisky festival! It was such a nice experience! I have never been there before actually but I know I will from now on. There was so much people and the atmosphere was really cozy. There were so many whisky and beer brands and most of people seemed to really be enjoying it and have a great time. I also met the guys from H.E.A.T since as I’ve written before Erik Grönwall has his own spot at the festival , introducing to the world his beer named “Hadiraja” .

We had a great time and if there’s anyone wondering if you should check it out, here’s your chance to do so! 🙂


Enjoy the pics! 🙂

2014-09-27 15.45.16 2014-09-27 15.45.37 2014-09-27 15.45.57 2014-09-27 15.48.40 2014-09-27 15.49.47 2014-09-27 15.50.32 2014-09-27 15.51.49 2014-09-27 15.54.18 2014-09-27 15.55.05 2014-09-27 16.03.52 2014-09-27 16.08.31 2014-09-27 16.09.27 2014-09-27 16.09.35 2014-09-27 16.12.04 2014-09-27 16.26.55 2014-09-27 16.34.50




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