Last night we were at the ArtRAVE, Lady Gaga’s concert. I really didn’t realize when it started and when it ended. I guess my anticipation and adrenaline were so big that I don’t remember much from last night. I have been waiting for this moment for more than 3 years now and last night it came true. During the show I was so magnetized that I didn’t look anywhere else, only towards her because I was too afraid that I would get distracted and I would miss moments that will not come back.

There was so many lights, glitter and little paper hearts flying up in the air, in was magical. Throughout the whole show and specially when she was playing the piano, I know inside my heart that I had pure moments of clarity and I realized things about my life in general, like the fact that I will be forever devoted to the kingdom of music. Or the fact that if I didn’t live in Sweden one of my biggest dreams would never come true.

People tend to talk shit about her almost all the time like “she is so weird, so crazy, look at her outfit, how did she come out with a meat-dress, look at her wig, why doesn’t she have any clothes on?? …” But that’s all most people do. They judge and judge without realizing that deep inside, she is a true artist, a great performer, a true musician. She writes all her songs, she plays the piano, and she has never ever sang with playback support. That’s what an artist who respect themselves does.

But the most important fact is that her music has helped so many lost souls in this crazy world, including mine. She knew the struggles I have been trough the last 4 years, she knew how much I wanted to give up but I didn’t , and she was there when no one else was. To that I owe her nothing but my true and loyal support till the end of time. She helped me through her music when no one else did and she made me realize how great it is to finally find yourself and your way in this world, and to believe in your dreams, because if you want it bad enough, you can achieve anything. The world is yours. Forever rebel, born this way. ❤



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