H.E.A.T Live @ Rockbåten

So I just wanna devote this post to this band with all my love and loyalty, because only God and them know how much I need their music every day. I mostly went to this cruise because I wanted to see them play live again. Their energy, their passion, their focus, their spirit, their interactions, their attitude, their hyperactivity and smiles are a couple things that I rarely maybe never have noticed in an artist or a band at this high level. I had the chance to stand in front of the stage throughout the whole show and I wanna thank so much SWEDEN ROCK for letting me do this, simply because it let me enjoy the whole show with focusing only on the band and the music without any distractions. It felt like me and the band were one at this moment. I cannot really explain it in words, I can just say that I can relate to their music  almost 100 % and just listen to it and close my eyes and for these 3 minutes that a song lasts, I am in my own reality, I can dream, and forget about my troubles, fears and disappointments in life kinda like ” Sometimes you’re a free bird ,high in the sky, sometimes it’s a shady world, and all you do is cry” .

I have been in so many shows this past year and checked out so many bands, both swedish and also international and I think I can tell now the difference between so called “artists ” who make music just for pussy and drugs and between artists who take their work way too professionally and write music that is full of meaning and can change people’s lives. I can easily say without a shadow of a doubt that H.E.A.T belong in the second category. When I listen to music like that, it kinda reminds me that there is still hope and passion in the music business and there are still people who believe, breathe and live for the music. Cuz in my opinion, music is the strongest drug on the planet. Music is everything in life and H.E.A.T are there to prove it.

Here’s a couple of shots from last night, I hope you enjoy! 🙂 ❤

2014-10-11 20.15.20 2014-10-11 20.15.26-1 2014-10-11 20.15.35-1 2014-10-11 20.15.56 2014-10-11 20.16.43-1 2014-10-11 20.16.51-2 2014-10-11 20.17.12 2014-10-11 20.17.13-2 2014-10-11 20.17.13-32014-10-11 20.17.17-1 2014-10-11 20.17.17-2 2014-10-11 20.17.19-1 2014-10-11 20.17.19-2 2014-10-11 20.17.45-2 2014-10-11 20.18.00-3 2014-10-11 20.18.35 2014-10-11 20.18.48-1 2014-10-11 20.20.21-22014-10-11 20.20.22 2014-10-11 20.20.40-1 2014-10-11 20.20.44-1 2014-10-11 20.20.44-2 2014-10-11 20.21.54 2014-10-11 20.23.23 2014-10-11 20.23.47-1 2014-10-11 20.23.51 2014-10-11 20.27.38-12014-10-11 20.29.21 2014-10-11 20.29.39 2014-10-11 20.30.06-1 2014-10-11 20.30.20-1 2014-10-11 20.30.34-1 2014-10-11 20.42.57-1 2014-10-11 20.43.53-1 2014-10-11 20.45.54 2014-10-11 20.47.44-22014-10-11 21.13.32-2 2014-10-11 21.13.50 2014-10-11 21.14.24-2 2014-10-11 21.18.27 2014-10-11 21.43.21-1 2014-10-11 22.13.312014-10-11 21.24.32-1


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