OUTLOUD @ Stockholm Rocks Festival

So last night I saw OUTLOUD live for the first time. They said it was their first time playing in a gig that was not actually in Greece. They are such an energetic band to watch live. These melodic rock tunes, combined with Chandler’s edgy voice, it’s just a perfect match. Their mood was great, their smiles and their attitude filled up the place straight at once. People seemed to be enjoying it a lot and also the fact that they are originated from Greece, made most of the swedish audience to appreciate their playing even more. As soon as their show was done, I met them also backstage and I have to say that they are such kind people in person as well. We talked about music, Sweden and Greece and basically their lives as artists. I hope they come again soon, it would be great meeting them again and of course see them play live. If you love music like this as much as I do, here’s a spotify link from their latest album and also their Youtube channel for their videos and updates.


Here’s the moments captured on my camera, I hope you enjoy! 😀

2014-11-07 19.39.52 2014-11-07 19.40.25-1 2014-11-07 19.40.40-1 2014-11-07 19.41.48-1 2014-11-07 19.41.48-2 copy 2014-11-07 19.41.49 2014-11-07 19.41.54-1 2014-11-07 19.41.55-2 2014-11-07 19.42.24 2014-11-07 19.42.35 2014-11-07 19.42.53 copy 2014-11-07 19.43.36-1 2014-11-07 19.43.56-2 2014-11-07 19.44.02 2014-11-07 19.44.28 2014-11-07 19.45.09 2014-11-07 19.45.42-1 2014-11-07 19.46.46-2 2014-11-07 19.47.57


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