Twin Atlantic Show 2014.11.13

Last night I was at Fryshuset to shoot Twin Atlantic. I found out about them about 10 months ago, when they opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars in their show here in Stockholm. I loved their music straight on and I really  wanted to be there last night. It was a very nice show to watch. I love this kind of music, a bit dark, a bit moody, a bit teenage spirit. It has attitude, power and it is really unique. My favorite songs of them are “A beast of myself”, “Hold on”  and “Apocalyptic renegade”. If you like this kind of music, you are gonna love them, I promise.


Here’s what I have from last night, I hope you enjoy! 🙂 ❤

2014-11-13 21.47.29-1 2014-11-13 21.48.10-1 2014-11-13 21.49.20-1 2014-11-13 21.50.24-1 2014-11-13 21.53.59-2 2014-11-13 21.55.01 2014-11-13 21.55.50 2014-11-13 21.56.33-1 2014-11-13 21.56.43 2014-11-13 21.57.28-1 2014-11-13 21.57.58-1 2014-11-13 21.58.242014-11-13 21.53.59-1IMG_8576

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