Rival Sons Show 2014.11.23

Tonight I was at the Rival Sons show here in Stockholm. I love this band. I had seen them live first time last summer when they opened for Aerosmith. I love their music so much and the fact that they are such good performers. They give you the impression that you are living in this other decade around 60’s and 70’s , something that is totally unknown to me since I’m a 90’s kid.

There was such a good atmosphere in Munchenbryggeriet tonight in a sold-out show full of 60’s attitude and blues mood. Moments like tonight make me realize that there are so many amazing artists out there. All you gotta do is support them and never give up on the good music.


Here are the moments captured on my camera. I hope you enjoy! And have a great week everyone! 🙂 ❤

2014-11-23 21.01.01 2014-11-23 21.01.08 2014-11-23 21.01.26-1 2014-11-23 21.01.27-1 2014-11-23 21.02.15-3 2014-11-23 21.02.31-1 2014-11-23 21.03.07  2014-11-23 21.03.14-1 2014-11-23 21.04.57-1 2014-11-23 21.06.51 2014-11-23 21.07.16-3 2014-11-23 21.07.17-2 2014-11-23 21.07.25-1 2014-11-23 21.08.07-2 2014-11-23 21.08.51-2 2014-11-23 21.13.22-1


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