Gerard Way Show In Stockholm 2015.02.03

Tonight we were at Gerard Way’s show here in Stockholm, at Fryshuset. He was one of my teenage heroes and he still is. You know this feeling of anticipation that you are waiting and waiting your whole life to see live one of your favorite artists, but life gets always in the way and you never do.. I have been feeling so blessed since I moved to Stockholm and the reason is exactly this. I have been watching My Chemical Romance videos on Mtv pretty much my whole life, but never been able to be in any of their shows. But guess what ; tonight I have been shooting Gerard Way. And yeah he was exactly like I have been seeing him on the TV all these years. Pretty damn priceless right?. That moment when the lights go down, and the music stops, the crowd screams start and boom there he is right in front of me in his suit and tie just like you see him on the pics. Those two seconds when he gets on the stage and you cannot really realize if you are still watching MTV rocks, or this moment is actually real. Well, after tonight I guess this moment was real yes.

But apart from that, I really enjoyed the way he interacts with his fans. He is one of the most kind artists that I’ve heard speaking on stage and also really talented in what he does. He said so many kind words tonight that I could totally relate to in so many levels. The thing that I kept from tonight is that, he and his brother according to his words, had always been thinking of moving out, not because they hated their parents, but because they always knew that there was something more out there, something that could make him who he is today. Something that he wanted to reach out. And also that he totally understands how hard it is to just be yourself in this crazy world. So if you guys ever feel like you don’t belong or that it gets extremely hard to just be who you want to be, just keep in your head that he loves you anyway  and he loves you for letting him share his art with you. All of what I am describing right now is his exact words in tonight’s show.

I just wanna say that this is why I was at this show tonight and why I love him. It’s been a while since I have been in a place that I can really feel “myself” but tonight that changed.

I hope you have the chance to see him as well, because I can assure you that you are going to feel exactly as I felt tonight. Blessed.

Here are a fews moments that I captured on my camera. I am sorry if some of the pics look a bit blurry, there was too much smoke in the room, but I tried my best! 🙂 Have a great night friends (because here in Stockholm it is really late right now! ) . Have faith in yourself and in music. 🙂 ❤

2015-02-03 21.30.40-1 2015-02-03 21.30.40-2 2015-02-03 21.31.06-1 2015-02-03 21.31.06-2 2015-02-03 21.31.43-1  2015-02-03 21.32.15-1 2015-02-03 21.32.39 2015-02-03 21.33.31-1 2015-02-03 21.33.53 2015-02-03 21.34.39-2 2015-02-03 21.35.13

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