Gus G Live In Stockholm 2015.03.08

As I said earlier last night was the last stop of Gus G’s tour “We are the fire” here in Stockholm, Sweden. I had such a great time, specially since I had the chance to go backstage a while before the show and have a lovely chat with him. I always get so excited and deeply glad when I see greek people making it on an international level. It proves that hard work, passion and dedication never go to waste. Gus G is a living example. We had so much fun and the energy in the room was incredible.

Feel free to take a look at the pics and once again sorry if they look a bit blurry, I tried my best since there was too much smoke in the room. And also if you haven’t checked out my interview with him a while back, here’s a link to do so!

Enjoy and have a great day friends! 😀

2015-03-08 22.05.59-1 2015-03-08 22.06.32 2015-03-08 22.06.58-1 2015-03-08 22.07.04 2015-03-08 22.16.45 2015-03-08 22.19.40


  1. AnaLuciaSilva · March 11, 2015

    Great shots =)

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