Nate Ruess @ Södra Teatern / Stockholm

Tonight we were at Södra Teatern here in Stockholm to check out Nate Ruess on his solo tour. I had seen him once before, two years ago here in Stockholm with Fun. In my opinion, I believe that he is one of the most talented artists of our generation. He is a great performer, he is really interactive with his audience and most importantly he makes good music. I love his positivity and his attitude on stage and I also love the fact that he is showing endless passion and sparkle up on the scene. He is also super stylish and there is good chemistry and “cohesiveness” with the rest of his band. To me, this is how a band should look like. To be out on a Wednesday night, like tonight, and to see a band that does not forget the purpose of music in life. I hope you guys feel the same way about him, and believe that his music is really positive and embraces us to celebrate life.

Here is some moments that I captured on my camera, if you want feel free to follow me on Instagram (@Irenepavlidi ) to check out some live videos from the show 🙂

Have a great day / night friends with lots of music! 🙂 ❤

2015-06-03 20.32.10-1 2015-06-03 20.32.18 2015-06-03 20.33.06-1 2015-06-03 20.33.08-2 2015-06-03 20.33.39 2015-06-03 20.33.49-2 2015-06-03 20.34.26-1 2015-06-03 20.34.34-2 2015-06-03 20.35.03-2 2015-06-03 20.09.44-2


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