The ArtRave Echo

On the 30th of September 2014, I attended for the first time a Lady Gaga concert and happened to be The ArtRave : The Artpop Ball. From that day and on, my life was never really the same.

I wanted to attend one of her shows for so long, but life, money and other things always seemed to get in the way. Wanted to do it mostly, not only because I wanted to see how she performs live, like I do with other artists, but I wanted this to be a relief of mine, a reassurance, a thank you that I felt I owed her for so many years.

I still remember that I hadn’t slept that last couple of days before the show, wanting to make sure that my outfit, my hair and all the last details were on point before the big moment comes. Needless to say that I bought our tickets almost a year before the show.

Just like any other show that I attend, I don’t really realize it until the moment comes when the lights go down, the noise and the background music stops, and you hold your breath, you stare towards the stage and the curtain falls. It was something like that with the ArtRave as well, except now it was on a totally new level. It was extremely big. It was like nothing you experienced before. The lights, the stamina, the action, the people waiting, the stage design, the graphics, the colors, the anticipation, the music, the glitter, the outfits, the smiles, and the interactions were beyond anything you have seen in any other show that you might have been to.

Around 9, and when the opening acts had finished their performance, when the huge screen stopped showing the different art forms, out of the blue, the huge white piece of garment that was covering the background of the stage, fell to the floor with grace and the lights went down. A tiny angel dressed in a glitterish bejeweled leotard and silver blonde hair rose up on the scene, surrounded by maybe ten dancers dressed in colorful yet bizarre costumes made of silicone and plastic.

At that moment I couldn’t really believe in my eyes. I couldn’t realize what was going on. The feeling that this must be an illusion hit me up again, but this time more strongly like never before. But it was true. This white little angel was indeed my hero friend who knew all the struggles that I had been through all these years. Who knew how much I wanted to give up but never did.

My friend, who made me realize how great and priceless it is to be able to find yourself, to believe in your dreams and to find your own path in life. At that moment I felt that for all of this, I owe her nothing but my true support and love till the end of time. A true musician, a great performer, a true artist. An artist that has helped so many lost souls find their way in this crazy world, including mine.

I know that putting a couple of pictures in this post is not going to make you understand all the unending river of feelings that I had that night, but it is definitely going to help you a bit.

A couple of shots before, during and after the show. If you have been to a Gaga concert and want to share your experience, feel free to comment in the comment section below, I would love to read what you have to say. Have a great day / night my friends, wherever you are with lots of music! 🙂

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Rival Sons – Interview With Scott Holiday And Rig-Rundown

Not a guitar expert myself, but I recently watched this interview of Scott Holiday, and fell in love with music all over again. So much good advice in it, specially for young and ambitious people who want to work in the music industry. I am always personally interested in listening to this kind of professional talk because I am one of these determined little hearts in life, that love and appreciate good music more than anything. If you agree with me and you are interested in watching it, take a look below. What I believe was the best part in it, was :

Do it because you love it, don’t do it because you think you are going to get real famous, everyone loves music, there is always going to be a new way. If you do it because you love it, then when you have a little bit of success, your priorities will be in order and you will be really grateful to those fans. Honest music, because it’s done with love, it translates, that’s what speaks to people’s hearts, to our ears, to make us feel good and make us want to invest in something.”  

Have a great weekend my friends with lots of music, have fun and take care! 🙂


Til It Happens To You

Second release of the day, is a release of the most talented artists of our generation, and I am talking of course about Gaga. I had no idea that she was going to release a new track, but turns out she did. I sometimes feel too small to actually comment or say anything about the greatness and depth of her voice and talent. I can only say that I feel that her voice keeps getting better and better and that with every single new release of hers you can see the progress and the effort she puts in.

The new song is called “Til it happens to you” and it is a song with a really strong video and a powerful message. I honestly believe that if all artists thought like Gaga does, our world would be a better place.

Take a look and see for yourselves! 🙂

Keep It Up All Night

Hey dear friends! Today is obviously a good release day since I noticed that a lot of my favorite artists have released new material. Let’s start off with Reckless Love and their new single “Keep it up all night” . I am listening to it right now and have been listening to it since this morning actually. I believe that September is a good month to release such a song that actually brings along a lot of summer vibes.

A lot of people need an extra push this time of the year, a new motivation to keep going as fall starts and winter is on its way and with a song like this I believe we get the memo. I personally believe that it is a really positive and pleasant song to put on your playlist and listen to every time you find the chance. I love the way that it starts, so dynamically, and then as soon as it reaches the chorus you feel the beat changing again. I also like the fact that it combines a kind of electronic, beat -ish mood into it, which leaves you with a more pop and not so hard impression, but still has the Reckless Love element in it.

First single of the new album, let’s hope that there is going to be a video as well and it is going to be released soon! In the meantime, here is a couple of useful links if you want to check out or buy the song. 🙂

I would love to hear your opinion about it, specially if you are a Reckless fan! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. 🙂

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