Stage Lover

Being around a stage is one of the things that I love most in life. The lights, the stamina, the action, are some things that I always chase. I am pretty sure that if you are a music lover you would agree on that one. Every time I am in a show, I feel like I do it for the first time, even if I have been to hundreds of shows and festivals in my life. It feels so new and so different every single time. For me every show, every concert, every live act is a big deal and it matters. Even if I love some bands more than others, I still feel the same way once those lights go down and the music fills up the room. It is all about letting yourself enjoy and live for the moment, forget about your troubles and fears and just smile and sing along. Like this moment can wash away all the pain that you might have been feeling, and it is going to help you heal in a way that probably nothing else did.

Have a great weekend my friends with lots of music! 🙂

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Hardcore Superstar- Rocktober Fest 2015 – Stockholm

The second band that I shot last night was Hardcore Superstar, and it was actually the second time that I saw them live as well. The first time was last February at Bandit Insanity tour here in Stockholm. If you are a fan of theirs, feel free to enjoy the following pics! 🙂

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Santa Cruz Live – Rocktober Fest 2015 – Stockholm

Hey dear friends! Last night Rocktober fest took place here in Stockholm with three live acts. Santa Cruz from Finland, Hardcore Superstar and Mustasch from Sweden.

The first live act that hit the stage was Santa Cruz. Last night was actually the first time that I saw them live. If you are fan of their work, this post is dedicated to you. 🙂

Here are the moments that I captured on my cam! Enjoy! 🙂

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It’s The Funeral Of Hearts

Hey my dear friends 🙂 It is a beautiful autumn evening here in Stockholm and I am  home listening to one of my favorite bands of all times, HIM. Every time I listen to their songs , it feels like I am 12 years old again and nothing has ever changed.

I am actually 25 now and there are some certain beliefs and values in my character and life that got “cultivated” from that little age of 12 and have been the same until today, when I am actually supposed to be a “big girl” and a “grown-up”.

Love Metal was the very first rock record that I ever bought, a record that introduced me not only to this kind of music, but also in the deep and maybe dark influences that music made and produced in Scandinavia has. The very first song that I ever listened by HIM was “The Funeral of hearts”.  When I saw the video on MTV for the first time, I got so captivated by this so big contrast between darkness and light that their music has. And so the next week I had already gone to the record store to buy that album, with the thought that ” If funeral of hearts was just a part of the record, imagine what the whole album would sound like, these melancholic piano tunes, combined with Ville’s baritone voice type”. It was an album that I basically lived by, not just listened to.

When most of my classmates listened to this kind of music as a way to show that they were “different” and not “mainstream”, that they were rebellious and not boring, me on the other hand I tried to see beyond it, just like I always do with any kind of art. What is it like to actually live in Scandinavia? In Sweden? In Finland? Is it really dark and moody, or music is a way to express the chaos that exists in your head and has nothing to do with the fact that in the wintertime it is always basically dark?

In my ears, their music represents freedom. But the word freedom might mean a lot of different things. To me, it means feeling free in Scandinavia. And it has nothing to do with the weather conditions or the actual day and night darkness.

It is like a huge, burning desire of joy and happiness but with the right amount of sadness and nostalgia. A profound melancholic mood with a certain amount of excitement and freedom, along with the endless natural beauty of Scandinavia, anytime of the year but specially in the winter. The most unique and extraordinary experience of the northern lights, when the sky is shimmering and there’s so much beauty if you just lift your head up and watch the stars and the sky go green, blue, purple, silver, orange.

I cannot even describe in words how blessed I felt the first time I visited Finland. It was not only the fact that I was in “The Land Of HIM” but also like I was 12 years old and I achieved something that means so much to me. A relief, a dream coming true, a pure moment arising from clarity and faith. Their powerful words like “I see through the darkness my way back home, the journey seems endless but I will carry on” , “Softly the light shines in through the gates of grace on me and you, deceiving our restless hearts”. Yes, I was there. And yes I have a restless heart.

Many people find music like this or words like this too “idealistic”. But the moment that I start believing that, would be the moment that I betray myself and the people that I believe in. Not all kids are looking to get drunk and laid when they go out on a Saturday night. There is this part of the world, this part of the youth that is constantly looking for something higher to believe in. For something to hold on to. Bigger than anything that you see or experience in your every day life. Just like I did when I was little.

I hope that you can relate at some point with my words, and feel the same way about music and the bands that you love. 🙂 I have not actually been able to see them live yet, but I am totally sure that once I do, it will be an experience on a whole new level.

The pics below are from Sweden, Finland and my room! 🙂

Have a great Sunday night my friends and an even greater week! 🙂

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The End Of An Era

Hey my dear friends! A couple of days ago I read on Instagram that the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour came to an end. What can I say about Thirty Seconds to Mars, except the fact that they made me who I am today. I was blessed to join this tour twice, once in June 2013 and the second time in February 2014, both here in Stockholm. The first time I ever saw Thirty Seconds to Mars, I got picked to go up on the stage with them, in Gröna Lund.

All my teenage years passed by with me listening to this band and dragging strength and faith from their words. Watching Jared Leto in his movies and keeping having hope in my heart, thinking “ Someday.”

It was just this small thing back in the days, that no matter how much I felt connected with them through music, it just never seemed possible that I would be blessed one day to be there at their show. Living in a tiny town, almost not seen on the map, dreaming that one day you will be able to see 30 seconds to Mars would seem a fairytale. Or even if 30 seconds to Mars ever performed in my home country, I would never be able to see them, mostly because I would need to spend money that I never had. It was a lost cause anyway.

Up until that summer, when all I did was  just take the bus downtown, with a pair of leggings and a long blonde ponytail, when I joined the show, with an excitement and an energy that I barely had before.

The thing with such big bands for me was a bit different because, as soon as they came up on stage and I saw them, it felt for quite a few minutes like I was still home watching MTV. Like this moment is only in my head. Like an illusion.

After the first fifteen minutes of the show and when they started interacting with the audience, I actually felt that it was true. This moment actually existed. That it is indeed Jared Leto on the stage and he is performing right in front of my eyes. But it was not just it. About twenty minutes before the show ended, a security guy came along and reached out to me and a couple of kids next to me, asking if we wanted to join the band on the stage for the last song, “up in the air” .

That was a moment that up until today I cannot really believe it happened. I did indeed get up on stage with about fifteen more kids and stood right behind Jared and right in front of a crowd of about 15.000 people. The view was breathtaking. Magical. Jared, Shannon and Tomo were magical. As if all of  this was a “beautiful lie, such a beautiful lie to believe in..”

Was it a dream? Not at all.. I was standing there and Jared was standing right in front of me singing about Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. I was standing there sharing the same space and the same air with the man that taught me how to believe. How the bridge between believing in your dreams and actually living your dreams, is hard work. How important it is to dream. To set no limitations and boundaries to your dreams. To do or die. To live, breathe and fight for yourself and your dreams. All of this was real. He was real. The music, the lights, the stage, the smoke, the passion, the faith and the 15.000 people in front of me were real. All of this as a reminder to what music is all about. To what life is all about.

Have you ever seen them live? Were you also a part of the Love Lust Faith Dreams tour? If so, I would love to read your experience, your emotions and everything that happened that day. At the end of the day, we all “under the banner of heaven dream out loud. “

Here is a little taste of the tour. 🙂 The first two pictures are from summer 2013, and the third one is from February 2014, all here in Stockholm. Have a great day / night my friends, with lots of music! 🙂



Hey beautiful people! Today I noticed on Spotify that one of my favorite bands Panic! At the disco released a new song a couple of days ago called Victorious. What do you think about it? As I was saying to a friend of mine today, I believe that Panic! At the disco are one of those bands that have managed to keep the element that differs them from the rest of the bands and at the same time combine it with the latest music trend elements, like for instance the more electronic and beat-y sound. I was in love with their last album “Too weird to live, to rare to die” and hope their new work will be released soon! They still are one of my childhood’s bands, that make me recall those days when I was watching MTV for endless hours trying to keep up with the latest news and releases. Even though they don’t really tour around Scandinavia, I hope and wish that they will have some dates around here when the new tour comes up. Until then, if you haven’t already checked out the song, here it is! 🙂