American Idiot – The Musical

Hey everyone! Last night me and my team were in the last general repetition of Green Day’s rock musical “American Idiot” , the Swedish edition. For the ones who don’t really know what I am talking about, Green Day released an album back in 2004 called “American Idiot”. In 2009, the album was turned for the very first time into a sung-through stage adaptation and was run at Berkeley Repetory Theater. Later on, the show moved to Broadway, when it actually won a Grammy award for the “Best Musical show album”. The music was composed by Green Day and the lyrics were written by Billy Joe Armstrong, the lead singer and guitar player in Green Day.

Last night I experienced for the very first time this form of art called musical, and more specifically rock opera. I was completely familiar with all the songs, since American idiot has always been one of my favorite albums of all times. I still listen to it often, especially the song “Holiday”, as I can relate to it the most.

The musical story, that is expanded from the concept album, focuses on three dissatisfied young men, who live in the suburbs, experiencing this lifestyle and the parental restrictions, while two of them decide to move to the big city and the third of them stays back to work out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Experiencing the big city, joining the American army, turning to drugs and growing up finding out parts of yourself that you actually dislike, are the main perspectives that the play was focused on.

I believe that anyone who grew up in a society where they feel like they don’t fit in, will absolutely relate to this album and play. You can easily sense the anger, the frustration and the furiousness of the younger generations. How hard it might be to keep up and do the “right thing”, when you actually don’t really understand and know why.

“Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me. Until then, I walk alone”. 

Considering how cynical reality can be for someone with this background, you could easily say that believing in equality, in love, in compassion, in justice, is like daydreaming. The feeling that you want so much more in life and the feeling that you just don’t belong, because you don’t think or act like everyone else does. “I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.”  

In contrast to that, what actually happens in the everyday life on the 21st century in my opinion and specially at the “big city life” is listening all day about not what you want to do, but what “you have to do”, what you “have to learn” what “ you have to say”, how you “have to act” and what “you have to believe” or not. People today are unconsciously communicating lies about how hard your life is going to be once you grow up and not choose to do what most people do.

I believe that the play tried to show in a very realistic and strong way what reality looks like nowadays, shown from three young peoples’ perspective. Seeing not only what you choose to see, but the whole thing. The ugliness, the pain, the drug abuse, the sexual abuse, the lost loves, the rasism, the hypocrisy, the shallowness. “Hear the dogs howling out of key to a hymn called faith and misery.”  And also the devastation that someone might feel when they choose to be different. “When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul.” “Something inside this heart has died”.  When you are of a rebellious spirit and it has been burning inside of you your whole life but never really finds any impact in reality. When you reach a point that you almost give up. Losing your faith and choose a totally different path than the one you have been dreaming of. When you have no friends and no place to go and there are days that it is even hard to recognize your own self. Days when you think you are trying to do the “right” thing but you end up hollow and alone. “As my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost, wake me up when September ends.”  “In a land of make believe, that don’t believe in me”.  Different aspects in life that the play manages to approach in a remarkable way.

Green Day’s music in general has always had strong political messages about justice, equality and peace. This play brings to life all of these powerful lyrics, combined with great choreography, urban details and beautiful, high technology graphics as a background, with some of the most popular Green Day’s album covers, including the heart grenade from the American Idiot album.

In the three main roles :

Johnny :  Viktor Norén
Tunny : Alexander Lycke  
Will : Petter Snive

I think that all in all, for me, the strongest message that the play tries to spread is to stand for what you believe. If this is your loved one, if this is your country, if this is your life, fight for it, and never give up, no matter what the circumstances are or going to be.

“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right, I hope you had the time of your life.”  







Backyard Babies @ Cirkus / Stockholm 2016.02.10

Hey friends! Last night me and my team were at Cirkus here in Stockholm to see and shoot The Backyard Babies. Truth to be told, I had never seen them live, until last night, but I heard and read many things about them. Like for instance the fact that they have been around since 1987 and they are Grammy award winners.

In summer 2015, I happened to watch a live Gröna Lund show on TV, where they performed their hit “Th1rt3en or nothing” from their latest album “Four by Four”, and something about their free and rebellious style caught my attention and made me think that I have to see them perform.

Last night was that night. Been waiting patiently as I always do, until the last 2 to 3 minutes before the lights go down and the bands hits the stage. A big amount of smoke covered almost the whole scene and you could mostly see the little red lights that were covering the small corners and the drums set. After almost twenty seconds, one by one, the band members showed up on the scene and took their places on it. And after that, you could clearly hear it, feel it and get it. The guitar intro of “Th1rt3en or nothing”. An edgy sound, bouncing between punk rock, garage rock and hard rock, combined with an attitude full of energy, strong emotions and an intense, barely controllable enthusiasm.

Different people obviously have different reactions each time a band they love hits the stage. Some might have been waiting for it for a lifetime. Some might have been there and not really knowing why. Some of them might be there to just party. And some of them, including myself, might see their whole life flashing in front of them, and might be highfiving their 13 year old self, for being right in front of that stage, surrounded by people they like and love, working with the thing they love most.

One of the hardest things for me to do is to put down in actual words how I feel when I see a band like this performing. But I believe it is always worth trying since I know now after all these years that there are so many people out there who will hopefully relate to my words. Let’s start with the fact that, when somebody has been to a lot of shows, they have the ability to instantly understand whether a band takes their job seriously or not. Whether they are hard workers or not. Whether they are professionals or not. Last night I saw a band full of professionals, who knew exactly how to play, how to rock that stage, how to interact and how to handle themselves up in there. It takes time, it takes guts, and it takes experience. Not all artists are like this, and definitely not everybody can handle themselves up in a stage.

But I believe that at the end of the day, it shows. If it is something that as an artist or a person who works with it you cannot live without, it will reflect to your work eventually. Whether you like it or not.That it is  music that is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed. That you are willing to bleed and sacrifice anything for your music and the people who believe in it. Or because you are bad with words and you write a song instead so that you can express yourself through it. Maybe because you have been through so much in your life and music was the only thing that never left you. Or that you want to make sure that you give people hope, the strength to never give up. The reason to believe in the good and not the bad in this world. The reason to make people feel that everything is going to be okay. That just because every song ends, it shouldn’t be the reason not to enjoy music. Just because bad things happen in life, it shouldn’t hold you back from trying. It shouldn’t stand in the way between who you are now and who you want to be one day.

The above words are a couple of things that would somehow explain how I feel each time I am in a show that I really enjoy. Most of you might actually not know that I haven’t been around for a long time, so every time I am in a show, with people that I love, working with what I love, makes me feel nothing but fully blessed. It is something that I have been dreaming of since I was a little child, and it is nothing that makes me happier in life. I am pretty sure that if you are an artist or a true music lover, you can absolutely understand my words. A little idealistic? Maybe. A little over the top or too honest? True. But then again, that’s what music is all about if you ask me. I would not be here, having this work, living in this town and doing what I love if I was too cynical or too realist.

I truly hope and wish that you can relate to my words at some point and feel free to ask, comment and let me know your thoughts about The Backyard babies and music in general. In the meantime, here are the moments captured on my camera, enjoy and have a good day friends! 🙂



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KBAD Morning Crash with Rival Sons – Scott Holiday

Hey friends! About a week ago, an interview with Scott Holiday was published by the Morning Crash, before the band performed in South Dakota. I believe the thing with the Scott Holiday interviews is the endless amount of music knowledge that you get to learn, if you really keep your eyes and your ears open. I never miss a single one of his interviews and I think that even if sometimes he is asked the same questions, there is always something new to learn.

This summer and on the 9th of July, The Rival Sons are going to be here as a part of the Black Sabbath tour, with Monsters of Rock and Volbeat.

I have been in this band’s performances in Sweden since summer 2014, when they opened for Aerosmith, and after that at their headline shows, both here in Stockholm and also in Gothenburg.

If you are a Rival Sons fan, and you haven’t checked out my shots feel free to do so on the below links.

And also take a look on the five minutes Morning Crash interview. 🙂

Have a great day my friends, and a beautiful, productive week! 🙂




Year Of The Tiger

Hey dear friends! Today I found out some really great news regarding The Weekend Festival, obviously one of the biggest EDM festivals in Scandinavia. First of all, let’s start with the fact that I was not familiar with the festival at all, which made it even more interesting actually.

The Weekend Festival is a Finnish, EDM festival that started back in 2012, and this year, in summer 2016 it is going to take place for the first time ever in Stockholm, Sweden as well. In Östermalm’s IP stadium, with the capacity of 25,000 people on the 5th and 6th of August, some of the world’s greatest Dj’s will be in town, to dress our summer in the most powerful colors of electronic and dance music.

If you are feeling really passionate and excited about these kinds of festivals, kind of like myself, I believe that the promo video of the festival’s Swedish version  that was published a couple of days ago, will blow your mind.

You can register for pre-sale on the official website , to make sure that you get your tickets on time as the festival has always been sold out.

The most recent artist confirmations are :

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Fatboy Slim, DJ Bl3nd, Showtek, Bass Jackers, DVBBS, Will Sparks, TJR, Steve Aoki, Aron Chupa, Jack Perry, Matisse & Sadko, Mr. Belt & Wezol, Sigala, Watermät, Deorro, Martin Garrix, Micheal Calfan, Tigerlily, Rebecca & Fiona, Madcon, Lost Frequencies, Redfoo, Infected Mushroom (Live), Tungervaag & Raaban, Tiesto. 

Feel free to take a look on the official poster and the promo video, just to get a feeling of what this is going to be about! 🙂

Have a great day / night my friends and an even greater weekend with lots of music! 🙂