KBAD Morning Crash with Rival Sons – Scott Holiday

Hey friends! About a week ago, an interview with Scott Holiday was published by the Morning Crash, before the band performed in South Dakota. I believe the thing with the Scott Holiday interviews is the endless amount of music knowledge that you get to learn, if you really keep your eyes and your ears open. I never miss a single one of his interviews and I think that even if sometimes he is asked the same questions, there is always something new to learn.

This summer and on the 9th of July, The Rival Sons are going to be here as a part of the Black Sabbath tour, with Monsters of Rock and Volbeat.

I have been in this band’s performances in Sweden since summer 2014, when they opened for Aerosmith, and after that at their headline shows, both here in Stockholm and also in Gothenburg.

If you are a Rival Sons fan, and you haven’t checked out my shots feel free to do so on the below links.



And also take a look on the five minutes Morning Crash interview. 🙂

Have a great day my friends, and a beautiful, productive week! 🙂




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