Happy Birthday Rockbladet

Hey dear friends! Did you know that Rockbladet is celebrating five years of amazing rock news in a little less than two weeks from now? The party is going to take place in central Stockholm at club Göta Källare on the 30th of April, with some great acts : Corroded, Smash into Pieces, Grand Theft Culture, and some yet to be announced guest acts. You can buy your ticket now at biljettform.se , or straight at the door the same day.

Feel free to take a look at the official post and find out more about the event :

Hope to see you there guys!





Stockholm Love Affair

Hey dear music lovers! 🙂 The past weekend the first Stockholm Love Affair festival took place here in Stockholm at Annexet, Globen.

Stockholm Love Affair was a new innovative idea in the more advanced electronic music scene. It took place on the 1st and second of April, as the need to cover a spring festival with a bigger touch in this music genre.

I found it extremely interesting and creative working on this event, since it was my first time experiencing a deeper side of the electronic music scene. The amount of people was overwhelming both on Friday and Saturday.

I tried to cover the mood in photos in general and not so much on the Dj close ups since I had a bit of a difficulty shooting in the dark.

All in all I believe that if this music is your cup of tea, you should definitely check it out next time if you haven’t already. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did shooting them. 🙂

Have a great Sunday friends, with lots of music, and an even greater week! ❤

If you want to check out videos from the event, feel free to take a look on my Instagram page. 🙂




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